We professionally install and manage submeter systems for electric, water, natural gas and steam.

· Submetering solutions
· Wireless submetering
· Power Line Carrier
· Manually Read
· What is submetering?
· Wiring Diagrams

Utility Management

As a submetering company we understand how your property and tenants use power. We take this knowledge to audit your utility billing and purchase from third party suppliers to ensure your contract meets your lease language.

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Engineering Design

We work with owners, architects and electricians to upgrade properties and new installations.

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· Electrical service upgrades
· Thermographic scanning and maintenance
· Co-generation
· Solar installation
· Lighting Upgrades


The Greater, Greener Building Plan is the most comprehensive set of energy efficiency laws in the U.S. targeting New York City’s largest existing buildings.

· Local Law 84 – Benchmarking
· Local Law 87 – Energy Audits & Retro-Commissioning
· Local Law 88 – Lighting Upgrades & Submetering